Passenger Sucker Punches Flight Attendant on American Airlines Flight

When you "have to go, you have to go." However, it appears that for one American Airlines passenger, the temptation to "go potty" must have grown very strong, even unbearable.  No one can say for certain whether or not Alexander Tung Cuu Le simply could not wait any longer or if he's just a jerk.

There is no mention in the reports of the 33-year-old Westminster, California resident waiting for a "open window of opportunity" to use the bathroom in the economy class. Tung Cuu Le was still adamant about using the restroom that was in the first-class section of the plane.

Maybe he was just more accustomed to the finer things in life and wanted a more luxurious experience in the bathroom. Nevertheless, Tung Cuu Le lost his mind when the flight attendant forbade him from using the "first-class facilities."

Tung Cuu Le delivered a hard blow to the back of the head of the flight attendant just as the he turned his back on Tung Cuu Le. Then, as if perhaps hoping no one would notice that he had just physically assaulted someone, he turned and hurried back to his seat.

Fellow passengers did notice. They restrained the combative Tung Cuu Le until the flight landed. Once on the ground at LAX, the FBI took over the investigation. The FBI is responsible for incidents that occur in the air.

Tung Cuu Le was detained on suspicion of interfering with a flight crew. This is a federal offense. The crazy incident happened on flight 377 from San José del Cabo to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (AFPA) issued a statement. The union organization classified the incident as “dangerous” and “life-threatening.” However, and most disturbing, the union indicated that this is part of an alarming pattern.

Julie Hendrick is the national president of AFPA. She said, “This violent behavior puts the safety of all passengers and crew in jeopardy and must stop.” We suppose Tung Cuu Le really had to go.

However, most people have enough composure not to drill someone in the back of the head when they deny access to the potty. Hope Tung Cuu Le isn’t denied potty access when he’s booked into prison. That might prove rather embarrassing for the poor fellow.

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