PANDEMIC 2.0? New Virus in China Has Everyone on Alert

Here we are in year three of the 15 days to slow the spread and for most people, we've moved on from this thing. I don't even consider it as anything different than any other illness that's out there. I've had it recently and it wasn't a big deal for any of my family.

I know that doesn't mean that it's not a big deal for others and I can understand that it would be for some people who have weakened immune systems. But my main priority is my family and seeing that we all were able to handle it well is encouraging for me.

But now it looks like something else is rearing its ugly head and wouldn't you know it, it's in China once again.

A new virus is making its way through China, infecting nearly three dozen people so far. However, researchers caution that it is too soon to say whether or not the virus is fatal or if it can be transmitted from person to person.

It appears that the Langya henipavirus, also known as LayV, is spreading from animals to humans in certain regions of China.

A group of international scientists lead by Chinese researchers wrote in a study that was submitted for peer review that the virus is a member of a family of viruses that "are known to infect humans and cause fatal disease."

According to the World Health Organization, this includes the Nipah virus, which is transmitted from pigs to humans and is responsible for the deaths of up to 75% of individuals who are afflicted.

Despite this, none of the 35 confirmed cases of LayV have resulted in fatalities as of yet.

I really am starting to wonder if this is how human life on earth is going to end. We've developed these deadly viruses and trust these other nations that hate us contain them. That's not a good idea. I don't want to have to spend the rest of my life running from viruses.

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