Pandemic 2.0? China Reports First Human Case of Rare Bird Flu

Can they please give this crap a rest!?

Why do they insist on keeping people afraid? Well, the answer is so that they can keep us under their control. Remember, a scared population is easy to control.

Why else would tens of millions of Americans so easily give in to wearing a muzzle when they have known all along that it wouldn't prevent spreading of the virus?

Finally, we have a taste of freedom and life after the pandemic.

But lo and behold, China is messing things up once again. Just last month, a man was hospitalized after contracting a rare form of bird flu known by it's sequence of H10N3.

China is saying that this is the only case of the virus, but since when can we trust them to tell the truth?

They also insist on a bunch of other things. Remember, this is the same nation that blasted the Trump administration for even questioning the origins of a virus that devastated the world. Turns out President Trump may have been correct all along.

Why would the world believe anything the Chinese Communist Party says? Our communist coddling leftwing media chastised anyone who even suggested that the WɄhan Lab might have leaked a deadly virus.

Now we're supposed just bow down to the CCP and assume they're being honest? No one with any common sense would. Senator Rand Paul continues to show his good judgment by calling into question all the U.S. funding that seems to continue to float towards a corrupt government.

Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have funded various research projects focused on manipulating viruses. How in the world can we continue to expect a country that is trying to overpower our nation would be honest and upfront with such research?

These are labs that could well be developing biological weapons to kill people. How sure is the Joe Biden administration that this may not have already happened early in 2020? At best, the CCP knew they messed up and were about to get overwhelmed by their mistake.

The corrupt leaders of China certainly appreciated how big a hit it would have been to their country if they were the only nation battling the (forbidden illness). Quick thinking could certainly have led them to lie and allow the virus to spread globally.

Despite growing concrete evidence that at worst the (forbidden illness) started exactly where former President Trump said it started, in WɄhan, we're suddenly supposed to trust the Chinese. The old adage about fool me once should come to mind.

No one should be naïve enough to trust anything coming from the Chinese Communist Party. The world cannot endure another killing wave. This might be nothing, but it could also be a new virus, but the same old China.

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