PAINFUL TO WATCH: John Fetterman Debate Performance Was a Train Wreck!

The midterm elections are just around the corner now and while some races are practically a done deal already, there are a few very important races that are still up in the air and could go either way.

One of these races is the race for the Senate in Pennsylvania. I was recently traveling through Pennsylvania and saw a number of signs for John Fetterman, but I didn't see many for Dr. Mehmet Oz. I wasn't super familiar with the area that I was in so it's possible that I was just in a liberal part of the state. Obviously, Dr. Oz is the better candidate of the two and the debate this week absolutely proved it.

John Fetterman got absolutely destroyed and I can see why he didn't want to participate in any debates to begin with. He performed so poorly that I'm actually convinced that Dr. Oz will win now. Up until last night, I thought it was pretty much a toss up or maybe actually favorable to Fetterman, but I don't think that I can hold to that position still. Everything seems to indicate that Dr. Oz will win.

Even liberal reporter Charlotte Alter called his performance "a disaster". She added, “I spoke to Fetterman recently, and I expected him to be very bad tonight. But he was much much worse than I expected (and much worse than in our one-on-one conversation.)” and “My take all in one place: 1) Fetterman was already a very bad debater pre-stroke 2) I spoke to him recently, and his communication in our one-on-one conversation was much clearer than what we saw tonight”

Seriously though, just look as some of the things that he said during the debate:

“This is the worst performance by any candidate I have ever seen in any debate,” sports commentator Clay Travis tweeted. “If this were a boxing match they would throw the towel in. This is sad. @JohnFetterman’s entire campaign should be ashamed for letting this happen.”

It really was one of the worst performances that I've ever seen. He definitely should have been more prepared.

Photo Credit: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

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