OUTRAGEOUS!!! Flight Attendant Kicks Family Off Plane for Daughter Not Wearing Mask...WHILE EATING! (VIDEO)

I hope you're sitting down for this one, because what you're about to see is something that will make your blood boil.

Many people have overreacted to certain situations in regards to other people wearing masks. In my opinion, it's always unjustified. You have no business telling other people what to wear a mask because you honestly don't know their story so it's not right to judge.

Plus, if people really believe in their masks then they shouldn't worry about other people's masks.

But honestly, when will enough be enough? When will this ridiculousness associated with the (forbidden illness) be done with?

Video footage taken on the flight and provided to YWN, shows a two-year-old child sitting on her mother's lap eating a yogurt, as a flight attendant tells the Mom and Dad they need to exit the flight.

The father is heard telling the flight attendant that their other child is “special needs”. The Mom is seven months pregnant.

The entire flight was forced to deplane because of the child.

Around an hour after the flight was deplaned, the entire flight was allowed to board again – INCLUDING the family with the child. Interestingly, the only person not allowed to board the flight again, was a flight attendant who allegedly caused this entire debacle.

There seems to be a more serious problem with Spirit Airlines as a whole. The couple was allowed to fly after everyone was deplaned and reboarded for the next flight. But the stewardess and the individual who was causing the stink were removed from the flight.

But beyond that, just a couple of weeks ago, the airline threw a 4-year-old autistic child who had a doctor's note from the physician stating that he is exempt from wearing a mask because of his condition which would cause him to hold his breath, freak out, and harm himself. Well, Spirit Airlines says too bad, so sad. They have no compassion or discretion whatsoever. If people really believe in their masks, then they should be happy that they have their mask so they can "stay safe" from the (forbidden illness).

There are several other videos that show more of the encounter as well as the couple being back aboard the plane with everyone else. You can find those at the YWN site.


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