Ouch! K-9 Unit Attacks Officer During Spring Break After Being the Aggressor

It's a wonderful day when our law enforcement heroes are able to "take a bite out of crime." Frequently, the canine members of a police unit will display heroic deeds while doing their duties in the line of duty. One K9 dog in Florida, on the other hand, may have been a little puzzled about who the bad guy was.

However, it's possible that it wasn't. After reading the narrative of the incident in question, it appears that this dog was far more intelligent than we previously thought. Spring breakers are known to be a little boisterous during their time off. Crazy antics and spring break seem to go hand in hand, at least on the surface.

In order to restore order, law enforcement must intervene from time to time. Buckets of booze and a few hundred stressed-out college students can be a recipe for disaster. However, there are occasions when things aren't quite as chaotic as they're made to appear. That appears to have been the catalyst for the "K9 clamp down."

A young bikini-clad spring breaker is the key figure in the story, besides the dog. The young coed, apparently, was taking her revelry to an unacceptable level. One woman was handcuffed, while a second male officer was shouting at a second woman.

“You wanna go?” he screeched. At that moment, a male bystander attempted to defuse the situation. The officer’s K9 dog was nearby. The bystander raised both hands in an effort to calm the situation.

For seemingly no reason, the officer, apparently a sergeant, throws the man to the ground. As he tries to handcuff the man, who did nothing but try to peacefully intervene, his K9 starts to bite him. The officer had to fight off the dog while attempting to put the handcuffs on.

Witnesses could be heard telling the police officer that the man he was holding down “didn’t do anything.” It appears the dog had a keen canine sense that something was wrong here. Bystanders agreed with the dog.

One person pondered if the dog would be placed on “desk duty.” Another suggested the heroic pooch “get a raise.” It was certainly a strange twist of events. Records released concerning this year’s spring break indicate the officer may have overreacted due to ongoing stress.

To date, there have been 161 people arrested. An alarming total of 75 guns have been seized. Panama City law enforcement has enlisted the help of neighboring police units to help deal with the larger than normal spring break crowds.

At a recent news conference, Panama City Beach Police Chief J.R. Talamantez said, “The crowd that has been here this weekend, there are no words that can describe the way they have behaved themselves, conducted themselves and the amount of laws they have broken.”

So, maybe even the dog was confused by the overwhelming situation. Nevertheless, in its attempt to “take a bite out of crime”, this K9 took a bite out of his handler. Nonetheless, this will be one spring break story witnesses will certainly have to tell their grandkids.

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