OUCH! Hunter Biden's Dirt About to be Spread Everywhere Thanks to His Ex-Wife

Hunter Biden is back in the news and you know what that mean...more problems for him.

There is never a time where Hunter Biden is discussed in a positive manner. You might could try and portray the whole painting scheme as a positive thing in that he's doing well for himself by selling paintings for more than anyone else as though he's the greatest artist of all time, but that's not the case.

In reality, what he's likely doing is laundering money through his artwork. Who in their right mind would pay that much for art from a crack head? And it's not as though only one or two people did it, there were several people who bought his art.

But that's not even the topic of this article.

The reason that Hunter is back in the news is because his ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, is releasing a new book and she is dishing out the dirt on the guy. She's going to go into his addictions, his affairs, his abusive behavior and more.

The book will discuss the “heavy toll” drug addiction takes on relationships, as Hunter Biden, fueled by a coke and alcohol habit, spent the couple’s money on drugs, alcohol, strippers and prostitutes, and engaged in an affair with his dead brother Beau’s wife Hallie.

Buhle accused Hunter of having an affair, being “emotionally abusive” and using Viagra after she discovered his relationship with his brother’s widow, emails obtained by DailyMail.com have shown. She tried for years to try help him beat his addiction to crack cocaine and booze, before [she] found out that he was having a relationship with his sister-in-law Hallie.

It would be nice if she mentioned something in the book about his work in Ukraine and how he helped his dad commit a quid pro quo while he was working for Burisma

Sources: Daily Wire

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