OMG! Is Joe Biden Using A Body Double? (VIDEO)

Is Joe Biden using a body double, or is the Joe Biden that we see even the real Joe Biden?

I know that sounds like a wild lizard-people type of conspiracy theory, but stick with me, it may not be so far-fetched afterall.

The idea of using a body double is something that many politicians have done. I don't exactly know why they feel it necessary to do it, but they do it nonetheless.

Just last year, we saw Kamala Harris used a body double and got busted and called out on it. Of course, this never actually showed up anywhere in the mainstream media but it did happen and we actually reported on it back in November.

How shady is that? She not only doesn't have the decency to go visit the people whom she's wanting to vote for her and her running mate Joe Biden, but she thinks that the people are so dumb that they wouldn't even notice that this person isn't really Kamala Harris.

The Harris double went to greet the black and Hispanic voters that were there as well as to take some photos.

As the body double is taking photos with some Biden supporters, Laura Loomer catches it all on video and calls her out on it in front of everyone, "That's not Kamala Harris! That's very deceptive to the voters!"

But there is a theory that Joe Biden is actually using a body double as well.

Now, I can't say one way or the other. I haven't seen enough evidence to make a determination personally, but I don't think it's crazy. I think it could really be happening either sometimes, or maybe the Joe Biden that we see all the time now really isn't Joe Biden at all.

Take a look at these videos below and see if you don't think that there is something off here. The thing that I think sticks out to me the most is his ear lobe.

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