NYC School Sends Home White Identities List to Parents to Convert Them to the “White Traitors”

We're continually seeing more attempts at brainwashing not just us, but our children as well. There are two ways that liberals do this: what they watch on TV, and the public school system.

There is a saying, "If you send your kids to Caesar, don't be surprised when they come back a Roman." In other words, if you send your children to secular and liberal public schools, don't be surprised when they turn out to be liberals.

The example I'm giving you today comes from New York City. Now, don't just think that, "Well, that's in New York City and not at my school." Truth be told, you probably don't know everything that teachers are teaching your students. Also, don't think that this sort of propaganda won't make its way to other areas as well.

The principal of East Side Community School sent home a list of "white identities" in a push for critical race theory and propaganda peddling the idea that white people are evil.

The list contained "The 8 White Identities" and here's what they are and definitions of each:


Clearly marked white society that preserves, names, and values white superiority


wouldn’t challenge a white supremacist; desires non-whiteness because it’s interesting, pleasurable; seeks to control the consumption and appropriation of non-whiteness; fascination with culture (ex. consuming Black culture without the burden of Blackness)


may critique supremacy, but a deep investment in questions of fairness/equality under the normalization of whiteness and the white rule; sworn goal of “diversity”

4. White BENEFIT

sympathetic to a set of issues but only privately; won’t speak/act in solidarity because benefiting through whiteness in public (some POC are in this category as well)


some exposure of whiteness takes place, but as a way of being accountable to POC after; seek validation from POC


take on board critiques of whiteness and invest in exposing/marking the white regime; refused to be complicit with the regime; whiteness speaking back to whiteness

7. White TRAITOR

actively refuses complicity; names what’s going on; intention is to subvert white authority and tell the truth at whatever cost; need them to dismantle institutions


changing institutions, dismantling whiteness, and not allowing whiteness to reassert itself

Do people seriously not see how racist this is? It's absolutely mind-blowing. Pretend for just one moment that instead of the words "white" or "whiteness", we use the words "black" and "blackness". Could you just imagine the uproar?

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