NYC Professor Attacks Reporter With Machete

A Manhattan college professors chilling antics have gone viral. Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct professor at Hunter College, held a machete to the neck of a New York Post reporter and viciously threatened him in a terrifying encounter Tuesday.

The incident occurred a day after Rodriguez erupted at pro-lifers who had gathered on the college campus to educate students on issues surrounding abortion.

Video of the encounter surfaced online, after which Rodriguez was fired from her position at the college.

The Post reporter and photographer knocked on her door Tuesday morning.

Rodriguez said,Get the f--k away from my door, or Im gonna chop you up with this machete!

The threat was indeed accompanied by a real machete, a killing tool used in South American countries, held at the reporter's neck. The threat was then repeated outside her building, where Rodriguez followed the reporter and photographer to chant,Get the f--k off the block! Get the f--k out of here, yo!

The professor then kicked the reporter in the shins, only to retreat back into her building moments later.

Vince DiMiceli, a spokesperson for Hunter College, said Rodriguez has beenrelieved of her duties and that the collegestrongly condemns the unacceptable actions she committed.

In the video of the incident before the attempted assault, Rodriguez was seen berating the pro-life students gathered at the college, ranting that they were spoutingpropaganda, and calling them out for supposed transphobia.

It is unclear what unfolded between the professor and the students beforehand, with some speculating that the professor has been unhinged for a while.

Though New Yorkers and visitors alike know that Manhattan is much safer than its ever been in the past, acts of violence such as Rodriguezs are reminders of the potential danger that lurks around some corners.

For Rodriguez, the New York Post said its pressing charges against her, with consequences sure to follow so justice can be served for the terrifying ordeal.

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