NY Stay At Home Orders Backfire From An Alarming Increase Of This

A new study has found that 66% of new coronavirus patients were nonessential workers and were at home. These new patients were from New York City and calculated to about 1000 new patients.

So does the lockdown work or is it because people are not listening and going out? I feel like the reason sadly is because of people going out into groups and not listening to orders.

According to The Daily Mail:

In a study of some 1,000 new patients admitted to New York hospitals over the last week, 66 percent were staying at home and 18 percent had come from nursing homes, meaning they either became infected by going out to get groceries or other essential items, or from seeing people outside of work. 

Gov. Cuomo said they were clearly becoming infected as a result of personal behavior, something that can't be controlled by his lock-down.  

There are now 19,877 deaths in New York state and more than 321,000 cases of the virus. Across America, there have been more than 1million cases and 72,000 deaths. Recent data shows that while New York's numbers are decreasing, the rest of America's are on the rise.

More than 80 percent of the new New York hospitalizations had not taken any public transport since the stay-at-home order began in March and that number rose to 90 percent in New York City, but only 55 percent of study respondents answered the question on transport. 

Of all the new hospitalizations, 73 percent were over the age of 51. The worst affected group were people aged 61 to 70 who accounted for 20 percent of the hospitalizations. 

Almost all of them - 96 percent - had underlying conditions. Most cases were in Manhattan, with 21 percent coming from there, but almost as many - 18 percent - were in Long Island.

It is obvious that the orders aren't being taken responsibly. Especially in a pandemic hotspot that these people are in.

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