NY Governor Replaces Health Workers Who Refused Vax with People Who Know Nothing About Nursing

Kathy Hochul is the unfortunate result of a political scandal. She took over a governorship that Andrew Cuomo had vacated, and he was just one in her long list of predecessors who have all gotten caught before this - something Kathy should be well aware isn't happening at random.

Despite being corrupt herself she's staying true to form by using executive powers against those pesky middle-class folks with their demands for accountability from government officials.

Hochul insists New York voters handed her a public mandate to enact sweeping COVID vaccine requirements across her state. One such liberal mandate is backfiring already. Hochul’s administration, like many liberal-run states, ordered a policy targeting all healthcare workers for mandatory COVID vaccinations.

Thousands of frontline healthcare professionals are resisting. The mandate is creating an alarming shortage of healthcare staff across New York. Hochul has immediately used another executive tool at her disposal.

Instead of listening to those who disagree with mandatory jabs, she’s threatening to use trained medical staff from National Guard troops to fill any void. This is, in essence, employing emergency executive powers to address an emergency situation that did not need to happen.

Hochul’s executive order for vaccinations took effect on September 27. Her order also allows for certified, but vaccinated, healthcare workers from other states to easily circumvent state requirements to work inside New York’s boundaries.

Hochul’s use of executive powers is another example of the radical left’s intention to force the jab on every American. Any such mandate steals valued American freedoms. The message from the radical progressive movement is clear. We’re losing our freedom to choose.

Do as we insist they say, or lose your job and possibly your freedom. An estimated 100,000 New York healthcare workers may also lose their financial livelihood. Healthcare workers, including food service employees and cleaning staff, will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you’re a healthcare worker in New York, get the jab or else.

The political party that boasts of unifying our nation is doing nothing more than driving a wedge between American citizens. The New York Governor’s actions are yet another startling example of a liberal power grab. Radical liberal politicians wield executive powers to deal with problems they themselves create.

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