Not Everyone Is Cancelling Dr. Seuss...Public Library in Liberal State Resists Cancel Culture

I'm disgusted by what our society has become. We are no longer a nation of proud, hard-working, tough individuals.

Instead, what we've become is a country filled with snowflakes who are offended over everything. I think that this is something that has happened over a long period.

First of all, I think social media is a big contributor to the problems we have because it first enabled people to pretend to be offended to gain attention online. I can say this because I've been online since the early days of the internet and participated in all of the early means of chatting with people like AOL, AIM, IRC, ICQ, ComicChat, Yahoo, etc. There even used to be a chat called The Palace, which believe it or not still exists!

But it's more than that as well. I think the media is also to blame as well as the public school system which teaches this sort of ideology that people are victims and need to feel victimized. I say we all need to stop being victims and start being victors! Let's overcome and come together.

As you are already well aware, Dr. Seuss has been in the crosshairs of the Cancel Culture recently claiming that his books are racist and embody white supremacy. It has even gone so far as to Dr. Seuss books being canceled from the "Read Across America Day" and the publisher deciding to no longer publish six of his books.

Well, the largest public library in the country, the New York Public Library has taken their position on canceling Dr. Seuss and said that they're not going to play that game.

The New York Public Library says that it will not pull six “controversial” Dr. Seuss books from shelves and, instead, will keep the books in circulation until the existing copies are worn out.

“The New York Public Library will keep six controversial Dr. Seuss books on the shelves despite this week’s decision to cease their publication due to racist imagery,” the New York Post reported Thursday. “The library, which serves Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, said it does not censor books and will keep the controversial titles in circulation until they are no longer in suitable shape to lend out, a spokeswoman said.”

“As with all public libraries the New York Public Library does not censor books,” library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise told the Post.

“In this case, the six titles in question are being pulled out of print by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, so the very few copies we have of these titles will continue to circulate until they are no longer in acceptable condition,” she added.

If we all stand up together and fight back against the Cancel Culture, we can cancel them for good!

Daily Wire

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