North Dakota Passes New Mask Mandate Bill, Every State Should Do This!

Finally, we're starting to see some states stand up for themselves against some of the ridiculousness that we've seen during this coronavirus pandemic.

We've seen a lot of very, very bad orders come from states like California, New York, Michigan, Virginia, as well as others.

It is the job of the state legislature to stand up in opposition against the governors who have issued some of these orders when they are in violation of the Constitution.

However, these nonsensical orders aren't just in these states and one group of legislators have taken actionable steps to do something stopping this.

The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill Monday that would “prohibit state and local officials, schools and businesses from mandating face masks.”

The bill passed by a narrow margin in a 50—44 vote and will now go to the State Senate, according to reporting by the Grand Forks Herald.

Republican North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum put a statewide face coving mandate in place three months ago, but it reportedly expired in January. Before the mask mandate was enforced across the state, other cities and counties — including Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismarck — had already required masks in public.

This is more than just a move against the overreach of the state of North Dakota into the lives of its citizens, but as we hear Dr. Anthony Fauci claiming that we should be wearing masks all the way into next year, it's a step in stopping that before it starts as well.

[Fauci] told CNN on Sunday that Americans may need to wear masks until next year and that he can’t predict when things in the U.S. will return to normal.

“You and the president have suggested that we’ll approach normality toward the end of the year. What does normal mean?” CNN’s Dana Bash asked. “Do you think Americans will still be wearing masks, for example, in 2022?”

“You know, I think it is possible that that’s the case,” Fauci said. “And again, it really depends on what you mean, by normality … because if normality means exactly the way things were before we had this happen to us, I mean, I can’t predict that.”

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