'non-scalable' Fence Is Going Up Around White House In Prep For Election Day Mayhem

A "non-scalable" fence will reportedly be installed around the White House the day before the election. Due to fear of unrest and riots to come from the outcome of the election.

The move comes as law enforcement agencies across the nation are gearing up for more potential unrest after months of protests over police brutality and systemic racism following the police killing of George Floyd in May.

Small business owners in major cities are already boarding up their storefronts and getting ready for the possible Election Day violence.

A recent poll shows the only 1 in 4 voters believe there will be a peaceful transfer of power if Democratic candidate Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump, and 3 of 4 said they are worried about the possibility of violence on Election Day.

In Washington, D.C., Police Chief Peter Newsham says his entire department will be working on Election Day and the following days.

According to CNN

Federal authorities are expected to put back into place a "non-scalable" fence around the entire perimeter of the White House on Monday as law enforcement and other agencies prepare for possible protests surrounding the election, a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to CNN.

The fence, the same type that was put up during protests this summer, will encompass the Ellipse and Lafayette Square. It will go down 15th Street to Constitution Avenue and then over to 17th
Street. The fence will then run up to H Street and across by Lafayette, and then come down 15th Street, the source said.
NBC News was first to report the new fencing. A Secret Service spokeswoman declined to comment to CNN, saying the agency does not comment on security measures.
The extra layer of security marks the most high-profile example to date of authorities preparing for unrest following this year's election, particularly if there is no clear winner come November 4.
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