NO WHITES ALLOWED: Black Supremacist Group Demands White Liberals Keep Their Kids Out of Ivy League Schools

Some Texas residents may have received an interesting piece of mail recently.

A black supremacist organization known as Dallas Justice NOW, decided to take it upon themselves to send letters to white families who live in the Highland Park Independent School District in Dallas, TX.

The letter was demanding that these white families pledge not to send their children to Ivy League Schools.

The organization argued that white children within the community are benefiting from "white privilege" and the expense of people of color. The group also accused white families of gaining their privileged station in society through oppressing minority communities.

"We are asking you to pledge that your children will not apply or attend any Ivy League School or US News & World Report Top 50 School. If you do not have children under 18 then we ask you to pledge to hold your white privileged friends, family, and neighbors with children to this standard. These schools have afforded white families privilege for generations. Having your children attend these schools takes away spaces from students of color who really need the job opportunities, education and influence that these schools provide."

"We know that this sounds like a tough commitment to make. but it is truly disheartening to see wealthy white folks sending charitable donations, posting #BlackLivesMatter on social media, or putting up yard signs as if to say that minimal effort is all they are prepared to do in the fight for racial justice..."

This is trash and pure racism. Also, they are assuming that just because they do any of the things that they mentioned above that it is the only things that they are doing. They're literally judging based on nothing at all. They're just fabricating these lies.

Perhaps the most ironic part of the story, Dallas Justices NOW targeted white Democrat voters who are supporters of Black Lives Matter. As "white allies" these families can make up for their ill-gotten gains by not allowing their children to apply to or attend Ivy League schools.

The group contends that elite, white families who do not comply with these demands are perpetuating racism in the nation.

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