'NO TRESPASSING' Here's How You Can Prevent Harassment from Vɑccine Solicitors

The dictatorship of Joe Biden and his regime have been pushing to have 70% of the country vaȼȼinated by the Fourth of July.

That attempt failed with putrid colors and barely hit 50%, I think we just now hit 56% at the time of this writing.

So now they move to Plan B.

Well, what is this plan? The plan is to send missionaries out to do door-to-door evangelism to see if Americans have accepted science as their lord and savior.

How ironic is this? This is no surprise to us with common sense, and I'm sure the liberals either have overlooked it pretending that it's not real, or their too stupid to realize what's happening.

These braindead libtards used to call President Trump a Nazi because of...well, I don't know what really, because all they ever did was make stuff up since they live in an alternate reality. But nothing that President Trump ever did comes even close to this.

Biden is wanting to send out people door-to-door to in Gestapo fashion to make sure you get vaȼȼinated. Never in a million years would President Trump have made such a freedom-infringing power play such as this.

Well, Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend said that this isn't going to happen in her parts.

"I have spoken to local law enforcement and if you don’t want the Federal government on your property asking about vaȼȼines, they advise you to post a no trespassing sign in a visible location. This is a prerequisite to be able to charge someone for being there against your will."

Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward also said that she thinks we'll start seeing a rise in the number of "No Trespassing" signs on homes.

She also made a really good point about this being a HIPAA violation. They have no business coming to ask you about your medical history.

Once again, we tried to warn the liberals what would happen under the Biden regime, but they didn't listen. May they enjoy their slave to the system, their loss of liberties, and their increased crime rates in their own cities. There is no blaming President Trump for this, because this is all under the Biden regime.

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