“No Regrets” Claims Woman After Chopping Off Her Boyfriend’s...

Any adult man who thinks it’s acceptable to have sexual relations with a minor is a dreadful person. One would hope there’s, at least at some level, a sincere degree of mental illness involved. Sadly, however, that’s not always the case.

Creepy men do creepy things to underage girls. Sometimes karma works as intended, and these creeps get what they deserve. Most legal systems around the world look rather unfavorably upon underage rape.

India’s laws addressing “sexual consent” are not the same as those in the United States, but close. A marital rape and the subsequent death of a 10-year-old girl shaped the consent laws in India. The rape occurred in 1892.

Ironically, the age of consent in India was raised from 10 to 12 years of age. Of course, using today’s standards, allowing a 12-year-old to offer consent is preposterous. In April 2014, India finally enacted a sexual consent law with some substance.

The Criminal Law Act raises the legal permissible age for sexual consent from 16 to 18. So, apparently, what happened in Uttar Pradesh recently was a rape. However, the legal system may have a different level of justice for the rapist than the mother had in mind.

The 36-year-old mother chose to take matters into her own hands. She arrived home from work to witness her live-in boyfriend raping her daughter. The mom figured she had a full proof method to make certain this creep never did it again, at least without as much enjoyment.

The woman grabbed a knife and hacked off his genitals. She told The Times of India that she didn’t regret her actions in the least. She insisted that she “has no regrets.” SHO Lakhimpur police station Chandrashekhar Singh listed the 32-year-old male as booked under section 376.

The child’s mother elaborated on what happened. She said, “I returned home in the nick of time and caught him red-handed. He even attacked me while I was trying to save my daughter.” She then proclaimed that she had “chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson.”

There is no record of whether the mother is facing any charges of her own. However, one man clearly used rather poor judgment. This is one man who lost control of his sexual good sense and ended up losing something else as well: his family jewels.

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