No More Trigger Warnings at College University...Wait Until You Hear Why

Remember when trigger warnings and safe spaces were all it took to keep snowflake liberal college students feeling safe and secure in this world?

Well, not anymore. Snowflake syndrome has gone to a new level now.

Now, even the word 'trigger' sets libs off and a list of 'oppressive language' substitutions is in order.

The left attempts to change the language to suit a particular agenda or narrative. They may also suddenly outlaw words to assert some sort of control over a society they feel has abused or ostracized them.

Brandeis University has deemed a list of words 'oppressive' because of either an obvious connotation -- 'killing it' has a murderous ring to it -- or some obscure origins -- 'rule of thumb' comes from a law restricting the width of the stick a man could use to beat his wife.

'Trigger' has itself, well, triggered liberals because of its gun association. Instead, students, faculty and safe-language allies are encouraged to use 'drop-in' or 'content note' to warn others of potential emotional damage from hearing the wrong words.

Just don't forget to replace 'you guys' with 'folks' or 'loved ones', or we'll have to drop a drop-in.

Some of the other ridiculousness consists of not using "ableist language" like, crazy, wild, insane, lame, people of color, transexual, long time no see, and no can do.

You that's bad? Well, did you know that you shouldn't use the word picnic anymore either? Apparently, "the term picnic has been associated with lynchings of Black people in the United States, during which white spectators were said to have watched while eating, referring to them as picnics or other terms involving racial slurs against Black people."

I've never heard that a day in my life, and notice they said that this whole thing is only speculative. So basically, they've made up something and associated it with a term that literally no one has a problem with.

The same goes with "rule of thumb". They claim this was an expression used to claim that "old British law allowed men to beat their wives with sticks no wider than their thumb."

This is a complete myth and no one can provide any actual law of such silliness.

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