NO BALLOTS = NO VICTORY, “I Think We’re Going to See a Freight Train of Audits Across the Country” (VIDEO)

The ballot counting portion of the Maricopa County audit was supposed to have wrapped up earlier this week. They were expecting it to be Monday, but I think that it was actually completed on Tuesday.

There is still more work to do and they are now in the paper examination portion of the audit and are currently processing 100,000 ballots per day.

At this rate, they should complete this phase of the audit by the end of the month.

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to find out what the results are for this audit.

I think we are all hopeful and we probably know what the answer is going to be.

The bad thing though is that if the results are bad for the Democrats then the media is not going to give it the time of day at all. But if the results vindicate what was claimed in November.

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens came to tour the process in Arizona and he had some important things to say about it and what he expects to happen coming in the following months:

"Jordan, I was so impressed, you have patriots in Arizona in Maricopa County, who are here and they’re getting to the truth of what happened in the 2020 election. This is an extraordinarily well done, very thoughtful process with tremendous integrity. As you know, Missouri is known as the show me state and I will tell you the people of Arizona. They showed me they showed the people in Missouri, and they’re showing the country the way to do a proper audit, and I’m hopeful I was here today with some other folks from Wisconsin. This is catching on, I think you’re gonna see a Freight Train of Audits across the country as patriots stand up and demand to know what really happened in the 2020 election."

I'm going to make a prediction. Here's what I'm betting they'll report...

Joe Biden was the winner of the election in Maricopa County BUT not by the amount that was claimed because there will be hundreds of thousands of votes that are "missing" aka never existed to begin with.

This way, they can say that there is no evidence that President Trump actually won. But even if they determined that based on what they counted that he won, the left would just say something about the missing ballots. They'll use it in their favor no matter what.

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