Newsom Looks To Charge DeSantis With Kidnapping

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday got personal with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), a potential 2024 presidential contender, after California's attorney general said the latter state was possibly behind a private plane flight that brought South American migrants to Sacramento last week. Newsom even floated the concept of kidnapping charges over the mysterious incident.

Newsom fired off a tweet to DeSantis that read,This isnt Marthas Vineyard. Kidnapping charges? The governor linked to a section of the California penal code that would make it a crime to bring people into the stateby force or fraud after theyve been abducted.

The suggestions came after California's Attorney General Rob Bonta said Monday that the flight still needs to be investigated, but its passengers were each in possession of documents that appeared to be from the state of Florida.

Bonta stated,We do know that the individuals were in possession of documentation purporting to be from the government of the State of Florida.

Its no secret that DeSantis and some other Republican governors have recently been sending migrants to Democratic-led cities, citing border policies and security. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) even tweeted last month that Texas had bused over 17,000 migrants tosanctuary cities alone. Those events are based on a flight DeSantis sent to Marthas Vineyard, Mass., last fall.

Whether this flight to Sacramento is connected to DeSantis and Florida or not remains to be seen. DeSantis has made no claims regarding the matter, nor is there any evidence to suggest what the migrants were expecting upon their arrival.

Its a pathetic game his political party is playing at the expense of peoples lives, Newsom wrote on Twitter. He referred to DeSantis as asmall, pathetic man.

DeSantis and his team have yet to respond to Newsom's comments, but that hasn't stopped the California governor from continuing his verbal attacks.They come to our state and dont accept responsibility. Thats negligence, Newsom wrote in another tweet.Its callousness. We will get to the bottom of this.

Newsoms latest spat with DeSantis has implications that affect both states and administrations. Until the situation is investigated, only time will tell if Newsom has a valid argument against the Florida governor.

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