Newsmax Host Rips Laura Ingraham for Comments About Trump (VIDEO)

Historically, FOX News has been a leading voice—and even the only voice—of the country's conservative majority. They state openly that they value the truth. But even these ostensibly committed conservatives are subject to the "political winds of the moment.

But like the bulk of talking heads in the media, they change their story to suit what they perceive to be the status quo.  His total appeal could seem questionable in light of all the shady tactics utilized to target President Trump.

However, and make no mistake about it, President Trump is still the most powerful force within the Republican Party. More conservatives support him making another successful run at the White House than any other candidate.

President Trump is still the face of the Republican Party. But Laura Ingraham, albeit a strong voice for conservative values, recently made some interesting comments about the former president. It appears some of those so-called “prevailing winds” are influencing Laura.

Ingraham was a guest on “The Truth with Lisa Booth.” Ingraham insisted that she and President Trump have been friends for decades. She said they remain close. However, Ingraham questioned whether the country wanted another four years of him as president.

We question whether Ingraham was thinking for far too many Americans. Do Americans want more of the economic hardship leveled against them by Joe Biden? Can America withstand another flood of illegal migrants across our southern border?

How soon will it be before China, Russia, and Iran (or maybe all three) attack the U.S. directly with their violent ambitions? The question should not be "Do Americans want another four years of successful Trump policies?" but "Do we need them, and how badly do we need them?"

Newsmax’s Eric Bolling called Ingraham out for her weak-kneed support for President Trump. Bolling was specifically disappointed in Ingraham’s suggesting the idea that “maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump.”

Bolling flatly said that Ingraham has “thrown in the proverbial Trump towel.” Bolling went on to say that some conservatives may have given up on President Trump. That is a poor position to take. President Trump is one of the most vigilant fighters ever in U.S. politics.

The more the crooked left tries to take him down, the harder he fights. President Trump is precisely what America needs now more than ever. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be a shining light for the future of the Republican Party.

But in 2024, the White House will again belong to President Trump. The pair would make an unbeatable one-two-punch on the 2024 Republican ticket. They should think long and hard about the possibilities.

A Trump/DeSantis ticket in 2024 could pave the way for 12 years of steady, confident, conservative leadership. The United States needs it now more than ever. Sorry, Laura, but it’s not time to throw in the towel. It’s time to fight harder. We hope Ingraham recants her words.

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