New Zealand Facing Crimewave After Disarming Citizens (Pay Attention)


Even though guns and stabbing people are both illegal in New Zealand, there appears to be a crime wave sweeping the country. Regardless, it's taking place because... SPOILER ALERT: Criminals don't care about the law.

People are now demanding the Prime Minister to declare a crime emergency and allow businesses to own weapons in order to defend themselves and their businesses.

“Firearms are not the answer; firearms are not the answer,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. “They will never be the answer. We don’t want to see people put themselves at risk.”

Excuse me? You have already put the people at risk by not allowing them to defend themselves from thugs who do have guns. Thugs who don't give a crap about your laws.

The opposition party has repeatedly called the government too “soft” on crime.

National Party’s police spokesman Mark Mitchell said he believes that the police pursuit policy change in 2020, where pursuing fleeing vehicles is only justified when the threat of the person fleeing “outweighs the risk of harm created by the pursuit,” was one of the issues behind the rising crime rates.

“The police need to urgently review their pursuit policy—since the change in policy, 83 percent of fleeing drivers are not getting arrested. Young offenders have realised they can steal a car or flee the scene of a crime without the risk of being pursued or stopped by the police,” he said in May.

I want you all to keep an eye on this, because this is what happens when you disarm a nation. We've seen throughout the pandemic how heavy-handed Prime Minister Ardern has been and how she doesn't want her citizens to have the ability to defend themselves.

This crime waves even comes after a record investment into seizing illegal firearms, hence the growing calls for action. But, like I keep saying, criminals don't care about laws or guns being illegal. This is common sense.

Photo Credit: twenty20photos (Envato Elements)

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