New York Times Gets Slap in the Face After 'Conspiracy Theory' Story Gets Debunked! (VIDEO)

There was allegedly "an invitation-only conference" in August that was held in Phoenix, Arizona. The New York Times reporter spun the tale as the result of a covert gathering of extreme conspiracy theorists.

Stuart Thompson claimed that a large number of "election deniers" were present. The conference, according to Thompson, was nothing more than a means of criticizing the 2020 presidential race. He stated that the group claimed there were connections between a tiny American election firm and the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Thompson, the group was making up the fact that Konnech gave "backdoor access" to the personal information of roughly two million American election poll workers. The conference was reportedly employing "threadbare evidence, if any at all," according to the NY Times hack.

New information has exposed Mr. Thompson as an idiot in less than 48 hours. In reality, a lot of Thompson's purported "reliable evidence" vanished within a day. Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech, was arrested in Michigan less than a day after The Times published the article.

Yu was charged with theft of personal data. But Thompson’s story missed the mark in other ways as well. His primary assumption was that the conference was made up of “election deniers.” The data breach has nothing to do with questioning the validity of the election results.

Two primary investigators, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht, have never made any claims that this data breach had a direct impact on the 2020 election. What they said was that they discovered the breach revealed names, addresses, bank accounts, and even children’s information.

The theory is that President Trump’s hard line stance against China may have triggered the CCP to take drastic action. It would be in the CCP’s interest to have a soft-on-China, Joe Biden in office. Under Chinese law, any data held by a private company is still the property of the CCP.

What if the LA data wasn’t the only information sent to China? How many other jurisdictions in the U.S. may have had their data handed over to the CCP? The Phoenix conference was organized by “True the Vote.” True the Vote is a nonprofit looking to uncover election fraud.

Thompson went so far as to claim that the documentary 2000 Mules has been “widely debunked.” It hasn’t. In fact, this latest revelation of how quick liberal rags are to print bogus stories may add new interest to the shocking Dinesh D’Souza documentary.

This isn’t an isolated incident of corrupt journalism. The COVID-19 pandemic really did leak out of a Chinese virology lab. Crooked Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop wasn’t Russian disinformation. Maybe cow farts aren’t a leading threat to the planet? Maybe global warming is a liberal hoax as well.

Perhaps this horrific abuse by a hack journalist will trigger an investigation by competent law enforcement. Regardless, this fabricated fictional story demonstrates how ignorantly blind liberal journalists are to the truth. Science fiction fantasies are probably more reliable.

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