New York Times Caught Spreading Fake News...AGAIN

The mainstream media and the government have completely demonized the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID.

Even recently, CNN lied about Joe Rogan saying that he took horse dewormer to treat his illness.

That was a straight-up lie. He got a prescription of Ivermectin from a doctor, just like many people do every single day.

But CNN isn't the only one spreading fake news. Recently in a New York Times article, they lied about a dramatic increase in the number of people calling into poison control because they took Ivermectin designed for animals.

Here is what the New York Times originally said,

While sometimes given to humans in small doses for head lice, scabies and other parasites, ivermectin is more commonly used in animals. Physicians are raising alarms about a growing number of people getting the drug from livestock supply centers, where it can come in highly concentrated paste or liquid forms.

Calls to poison control centers about ivermectin exposures have risen dramatically, jumping fivefold over their baseline in July, according to C.D.C. researchers, who cited data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Mississippi’s health department said earlier this month that 70 percent of recent calls to the state poison control center had come from people who ingested ivermectin from livestock supply stores.

They eventually admitted their mistake by including a little comment on the bottom of the article that says:

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the percentage of recent calls to the Mississippi poison control center related to ivermectin. It was 2 percent, not 70 percent.

Wow! That's quite a difference, isn't it? They felt it completely unnecessary to keep that part in the article since it doesn't fit their agenda. Literally, that entire sentence that I underlined above was removed from the article, not simply corrected to say 2%.

If you really want to see the benefits of the medication, take a look at the studies that have been conducted.

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