New York Judge Takes 6-Year-Old Daughter Away from Mother - The Reason Will Leave You FURIOUS!

Custody rights of a 6-year-old girl was stripped away from her mother by a New York city judge after the mother dropped her daughter off at school.

he reason is absolutely pathetic and should leave every person absolutely furious.

Dr. Micheline Epstein, who is a family physician went and dropped off her daughter at school. Her daughter was already inside the school by the time she was approached by the school nurse and school security who then attempted to force Dr. Epstein to put on a mask. She was on a public street at that time.

Following this confrontation, she was issued a letter stating that she could no longer drop off her child at school.

Well, the story goes deeper. Dr. Epstein is not married to the girl's father and he used this opportunity to petition the court for an emergency hearing for full custody...which he won.

“No one got physical or anything, she just refused to wear the mask. They were outside on the public sidewalk,” Dr. Epstein’s boyfriend Jeff Guttenplan explained, adding that the daughter was wearing a mask because they are required to go inside.

The court has also reportedly decided that the mother was not permitted to remove her daughter from the school and that she did not have a choice in the matter. Epstein also added that on Tuesday, which was her daughter's birthday, she was not permitted to see or even speak to her child. The court has mandated that she will be allowed two supervised visits with her daughter per week provided that she wears a mask inside her own home.

“The only thing I want is for people to stand up already and stop with this nonsense,” Epstein said.

The physician has launched a GiveSendGo fundraiser to help cover the mounting legal expenses.

Here is Dr. Epstein's description for the fundraiser:

A NYC judge has taken away my daughter, giving indefinite full custody to my husband , whom has dragged me through a bitter divorce proceeding for over a year. I dropped my daughter at school last week, and was attacked by the school nurse and head of security for not wearing a mask IN THE STREET where pick up and drop off takes place. I refuse to wear a mask and so strongly stated at the time. My daughter was already inside and no profanity was used on my part. Within minutes the school had notified myself, my husband and all lawyers involved that I, the child's mother, will no longer be permitted to pick up or drop off my own effect kidnapping her!! Minutes after this the letter was used to schedule an emergency hearing with the judge . The judge berated me, calling me crazy and gave indefinite, full custody to her father. I am badly in need of funds to help right this wrong and get me daughter back. Today is her birthday.

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