New York Imposes Orwellian Measures to Begin Tracking Citizens

Everyone likes to joke about George Orwell's book "1984" and talk about how the times we're living in now are very similar to many aspects he wrote about in his book.

Well, the truth is that it's not a joke. We're eerily close to the novel becoming a reality.

As spies, dignitaries, and normal people traveled normally, we heard the magic words, "papers please". New York has just enacted a real-life version of the cinematic portrayal. New Yorkers will be asked to produce a "forbidden virus" passport to enter various venues.

Right now, these places are supposedly going to be limited to large public places such as stadiums and theaters. But how long will it be before you're asked for your "forbidden virus"  papers to do simple everyday things?

Of course, the model of forbidden virus policy, New York Governor Cuomo, insists the app used to track your "forbidden virus" data will be secure. Secure when it comes to cyber data is a highly debatable subject. Who is going to have access to these records?

Sure, if everything was held to rigid privacy standards this might be a useful system to use temporarily. It might help expand opportunities in a state that exercised questionable controls over its citizens already.

The success of these Draconian policies has been suspect at best. From the outside looking in, this demand for documents seems innocent enough. However, how long will it be before more information is required in this "forbidden virus" passport?

Why is something so privacy-invasive even necessary if we are vaccinating our way to herd immunity? Many people who believe in our personal rights in the country smell a rat. It won't be long until Americans hear the words they thought were only uttered in foreign countries; "papers please".

I honestly wish that the Democrats would strip us of every freedom we have so Americans would stand up and say no more.

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