New York Democrat Warns Against Biden or Trump Running in 2024

There is only about one month till the midterm elections. Attention will surely shift to the approaching presidential election after America finally learns which party will rule the Senate and House for the next two years.

Many theories exist as to which candidates will ultimately throw their hats into the ring for the 2024 presidential contest. As of now, Biden and the White House are still undecided about whether he intends to run for office again.

On the Republican side, there has been speculation of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis running for president; however, DeSantis hasn't officially announced any plans to do so.

Meanwhile, speculation is on the possibility that former President Trump will run for president a third time in the future. According to The Hill, a Democrat in New York is now warning against either Biden or Trump competing for reelection.

Max Rose is vying to take back his old seat as a Democratic representative for New York's 11th district.

Rose is raising the alarm about the current president or the previous president standing in the 2024 election. The Biden and Trump generation needs to be replaced, according to the New York Democrat.

The country, according to Rose, needs to start over in politics. He thinks that by doing this, we may put an end to hatred and division as well as ineffectual politics.

The New York Democrat's comments follow a recent poll indicating that the majority of Catholics across the country are also opposed to Biden or Trump seeking reelection.

Some support for age restrictions on public officeholders has been seen in other polls. Given that most supporters of age restrictions can agree on a threshold of 70, this would rule out both Biden and Trump from the 2024 presidential race.

The upcoming midterm elections are expected to be a good indicator of the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Right now, it appears that the Republican Party will regain control of the House of Representatives.

The Senate appeared to be more unsure for a while. But in key states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Democrats are beginning to lag behind. To restore control of the Senate, Republicans just need to pick up one more seat.

However, the Biden regime's current advantage of having a Congress where it can pass measures on party votes alone would be removed if the GOP won in either the House or the Senate.

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