New York City Mayor Enacts Plan to Reduce Gun Violence in City...It Just Might Work

We're all aware of the state that New York is in currently especially New York City.

Thankfully, New York City has a new mayor and Bill de Blasio has no longer in charge. Now everyone is hoping that the new mayor Eric Adams will actually follow through with what he promised and clean up New York City and crackdown on the crime because it is out of control. It seems to be a weekly thing now that we're hearing of police officers being killed in New York City.

And while that is a horrifying reality that's not the only problem with crime that they have right now. As crazy as it sounds it seems that one of the biggest issues that they are facing right now is people being pushed in front of subway trains. How did this even become a thing?

It also seems like the way that this is happening is more of the black population pushing Asian people in front of trains.

Last week people were calling out mayor Adams and demanding that he do something about the crime and now he has a plan and it sounds extremely complicated but it might actually work

He promised that the NYPD’s hugely successful anti-crime patrols — dissolved by Bill de Blasio — will be reinstated. And that they’ll be deployed to 30 violence-wracked police precincts within three weeks.

Strong words and a promise of swift action, just 24 days into a new administration. This is a hopeful combination.

It’s true that the plan comes with obscure details, beside-the-point gun-trafficking rhetoric and pedestrian pledges to address social concerns linked to crime — and so on and so forth.

Indeed, the lard is so thick that it gets in the way of what seems to be a clear-eyed exposition of what really enables violent street crime: weak-willed policing complicated by wrong-headed penal-code “reforms” driven by deeply problematic radical state and local politicking.

This isn’t limited to New York, of course. It’s driving urban chaos across the country — and the effect is not limited to gun violence. Out-of-control vagrancy, publicly expressed untreated mental illness, organized shoplifting/looting and so on all need to be addressed. Happily, the Adams plan seems aware of these challenges.

New York City has won this battle in the past and it's possible to do it again. I don't know that it will work under Democrat leadership or not, but it's worth a try. But one thing is for certain, taking police off the street and getting rid of anti-crime units does not work.

NY Post

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