New Video Shows Ray Epps Breaching Capitol...Why Isn't the Government Arresting Him!?

It is still beyond belief that so many people have been arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced in connection to what took place on January 6, 2021 for simply going inside the Capitol building. Those who did do damage and stole stuff, I agree, should be prosecuted. But those who were there to protest and were seemingly permitted entry by the Capitol police should not be going through this.

To comment on this situation, Gary McBride said: “Those black gates in the video are as weak and flimsy as a cheap dog fence you can purchase on Amazon...If you look carefully, you can see Ray Epps in the video below seemingly motion with his hands to people around him to pull the fence up, not push. Somehow, he knew that these kinds of fences can easily LIFT out of holes in ground without much effort required! This can be verified if one takes some time to carefully watch how Epp’s hand gestures correspond with what occurs next”.

What’s perhaps even more puzzling than Ray Epps' knowledge on short-term fencing solutions is why exactly Ray Epps himself isn't being targeted by law enforcement agents when other members of his group are being prosecuted? Is he being protected by someone or something else? And why is it so difficult for attorneys involved in these cases to say his name aloud?

McBride concluded his thoughts on with: “The 14,000 hours of video must be released to society as they are now our only hope at watchdogging government agents since mainstream media has abandoned its duty." He continued: "In order for us ordinary citizens to ensure proper justice is served, we need access to all available evidence pertaining each case so we can conduct our own investigations into January 6th's events; until then I will continue doing all I can do help those wrongfully accused".

Take a look at this video for yourselves:

How is Ray Epps just not of interest to the police and federal agencies that are investigating this? It makes no sense at all unless he was in on it.

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