New Video Puts Holes in Liberal Narrative About Who Was Really Being Targeted on Jan. 6th

Contrary to what the Democrats claim, we all know that President Trump had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.

President Trump called for peace multiple times, but the Democrats don't care, they're going to lie anyway.

Some people at the Capitol who began ripping down fences, breaking down doors and windows, and entering the Capitol building by force.

But the question remains, who led this aggression when the rally had been peaceful?

Well, there is some new video that shows some very odd events happening at the Capitol before protesters made their way inside the building.

US Marine Bob Powell has turned over video of two men breaking a window at the east entrance of the Capitol building and actually pushing people inside to four different law enforcement agencies. He has yet to see any evidence of these men even being sought by law enforcement, much less being charged with any crime.

He has not received a response from any of the agencies he shared his 29 minute video with. These two men have yet to even be identified, at least publicly, while so many others who did far less have been sought out, arrested, and charged before the public by the corporate media.

The big questions here are:

1. Who gave the order to that squad of eight uniformed Capitol Hill police officers to leave the window broken by Hunter Ehmke undefended with a mob beating down the doors 30 feet away?

2. Who are the two men – who acted calmly, with military bearing, as if they were carrying out orders with an authorized purpose – who pulled the window from the frame and tried to push me and others inside the Capitol?

3. The FBI was provided with 29-minutes of HD video almost four months ago, yet no images of these two men are anywhere to be found. The FBI has not arrested them, does not appear to be looking for them, and is not looking for input from the public to ascertain their identities; that is a fact. Why?

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