New Video Exposes an Election Hack that Can Instantaneously Swap Votes on a Ballot

Sadly, a lot of Americans have expressed a desire to put the dubious events surrounding the 2020 presidential election behind them. Even devoted Americans who think the election was rigged were unwilling to take into account fresh evidence of widespread voter fraud.

President Trump has maintained that the election was rigged with reason. His logic is understandable. If left unattended, the door will be left open for additional election fraud. Candidates for the extremely progressive Democrat Party can only win by doing this. They have to cheat.

Failure to hold cheaters accountable sends a clear message that they will be able to get away with it again. If voting fraud is allowed to continue, our democracy will be threatened. The corrupt mail-in voting schemes and Democrat mule drop box stuffing are the clearest signs of fraud.

Hours of video surveillance from the Dinesh D'Souza film 2000 Mules demonstrate how widespread ballot box stuffing was during the 2020 presidential election. Other evidence has shown Democrat insiders working at polling places to rig the results.

Conveniently, the data from questionable voting equipment has been deleted. The mountains of evidence are staggering. However, recent events have shown yet another instance of election fraud. The progressive left's use of this deception may be the most despicable.

There has been a new election hack revealed. This hack, which was created ahead of the 2020 election, will automatically switch the bubbles on a hand-completed ballot. Liberals don't even need to falsify votes or unlawfully pack voting boxes with them in order to vote.

The candidate of their choice will be substituted for the person you voted for immediately thanks to this technological hack. Despite the fact that you fill in one bubble, your vote is transferred to the hacker-favored candidate, leaving an empty space for your actual candidate of choice.

It's the most cunning election fraud plot to date. The alterations are invisible to the naked eye because the hacker used the same exact penmanship and marking technique as the registered voter. This hack's mechanism is even more astonishing.

Voters check their ballots to make certain they filled them out correctly. They see the bubbles filled in beside the candidates they truly want to elect. However, when these ballots are inserted into the tabulator, the hack flips them to the other candidate.

This happens in the blink of an eye. No one knows that the vote has been flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden. This type of election fraud could happen to any candidate running for any office. Some question whether this happened in both the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff elections.

The Gateway Pundit created a visual animation of how this hack really functions. It’s scary. The cheating happens behind the scenes. It is completely hidden from view. All these cyber criminals need is a blank ballot. That’s pretty easy to obtain.

The hack uses a ballot grid or “bounding boxes”. Lines are drawn vertically and horizontally. These lines sweep the ballot to pinpoint the precise location of the targeted candidate’s bubble. Each bubble has a box around it.

There is extra white space put in around the bubbles. This is essential to account for accidental marks which stray outside the bubble’s lines. A template is used for any particular election. The hack swaps the pixels inside the boxes.

Voilà, a ballot for candidate A magically becomes a vote for candidate B. The hacker can specify any election where they want to manipulate the ballot. There is also a method used to avoid sending up too many red flags.

Hackers can be certain to only manipulate enough ballots to win a particular election. Two University of Michigan students used only 398 lines of code to write this malicious software. The hack was tested against EAC-certified voting machine scanners.

It was also tested against the six different ballot styles used in the U.S. Dominion, ES&S, Clear Ballot, Diebold, and Hart InterCivic manufacture these systems. Hart InterCivic is responsible for two of them. Not ironically, the suspect Dominion machines were the easiest to hack.

The Hart eScan ballots were the hardest to fool. This malware will move all the shapes used on election ballots. It can shift bubbles, circles, boxes, rectangles, and ovals. In other words, nearly every ballot can be manipulated, without anyone knowing it, using this software hack.

Want to hear some more alarming information about this ballot hack? How about, who is behind much of the research and development of the malware? The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) created Voting Works.

The system was launched in 2018. The lead on the project was Matthew Bernhard. Bernhard is a research engineer at the hard-left Voting Works. The list of CDT major donors reads like a liberal operative party guest list.

The Soros Open Society, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Google, Facebook, and Amazon all donated heavily to fund this project. Other names that were revealed were Chinese speakers Henry Meng, Jensen Hwa, and Kevin Chang.

In 2019, CISA and DHS partnered with Voting Works to push a bogus “Risk Limiting Audit” program for many states. This bogus system is now being used in 10 States. Furthermore, Voting Works has been an ardent supporter of widespread mail-in voting.

This new revelation is the most startling proof that Joe Biden stole the 2020 presidential election yet. Such crooked schemes are usually reserved for rogue dictatorships. President Trump is correct. The election was stolen from him.

But most importantly, the election was stolen from the American people. Our votes were stolen. Our democratic right to elect our leaders was stolen. Americans cannot allow this to go unpunished. If we do, it will happen again, and again, and again.

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