New Theory Emerges from Investigators on Bob Saget’s Death

Too often, what appears to be sad, yet normal deaths produce bizarre revelations. If no one digs into the facts, the truth may never be exposed. That seems to be what’s happening with the recent death of “America’s Dad”.

Bob Saget played the father in the popular TV sitcom “Full House”. The 65-year-old actor and comedian was found dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Original speculation was that Saget died in his sleep of apparently natural causes.

His death was sudden, and it was especially tragic considering the bizarre circumstances. Analyzing the position in which his body was discovered, lying on his back with one arm across his chest, the logical first conclusion was an apparent heart attack.

However, when the autopsy report was revealed, Saget’s cause of death was not from natural causes or cardiac arrest. Saget died from multiple head trauma. A world-renowned pathologist wanted to do another autopsy.

There is yet no record of anyone questioning the idea that Saget’s death somehow involved foul play. However, Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany reiterated in his autopsy that Saget died from blunt head trauma.

There were no drugs involved, and the medical examiner supported the theory that nothing else contributed to Saget’s death. Nevertheless, Saget’s head received multiple, extremely severe fractures.

There were additional fractures around Saget’s eye sockets as well. The blows he received were compared to getting smacked in the head with a baseball bat. It’s hard to imagine someone could hit their head that hard just falling down.

However, that is the latest speculation concerning this bizarre celebrity death. Stephany believes Saget fell in the hotel bathroom. The marble floor is the only location hard enough to create the magnitude of damage that Saget’s skull experienced.

Furthermore, Stephany says that with an impact jarring the brain so hard, “there’s actually room for the brain to shift between the back and front of the head and cause some of the injuries as described in the autopsy report.”

Dr. Jason Freeman, a neurologist and stroke expert, had told MSNBC, “I think the autopsy report does raise a number of questions about the nature and extent of the injuries. If we typically see slip and falls that that occur usually in the bathroom, someone hits the back of their head on the shower or the bathroom floor. These injuries described in detail in the autopsy report seem to go beyond that. And I think as you described in your opening this is where some of the medical professionals began to speculate about what could have caused the actual injuries.”

“I would agree that the injuries as described just do typically form because of significant head trauma,” he added. “So again, when someone slips and falls and hits the back of their head, there’s actually room for the brain to shift between the back in front of the head and cause some of the injuries as described in the autopsy report. But the degree of those fractures, especially the orbital and frontal bones, is typically seen with high impact traumas that you might see in a motor vehicle accident, blunt force trauma, and again, someone particularly falling from a height. And so I think it raises the question, maybe was there more than one fall? Did he fall backwards and then fall forwards in an unprotected manner?”

The medical examiner also believes Saget could have hit his head more than once. If he were to have fallen backwards, slamming his head against a hard bathroom wall, and then landed face-first on the floor, this might have accounted for the extreme damage.

Most are still baffled at how Saget could have experienced such impactful trauma, and yet somehow managed to get himself onto his hotel bed. Video surveillance inside the Ritz-Carlton shows Saget entering his room using his key.

Hotel employees said the famous comedian was in excellent spirits. One member of the Ritz-Carlton staff said, “He was cracking jokes, waving to people in the lobby.” Saget wasn’t refusing anyone who asked for a “selfie” with him.

It must be an odd feeling to see a selfie photograph, one you just took hours before with a celebrity who suddenly ends up dead. It’s even odder when you consider the bizarre circumstances. It gives new meaning to “live for today”. One slip and tomorrow may never happen. That seems to be what happened to “America’s Dad”. It’s tragic and sad.

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