New Study Reveals Deadly Health Impact of Gender Dysphoria

A new study conducted in the Netherlands that includes more than 4,500 transgender people reveals a staggering mortality rate of 2.9 deaths per 1,000 for transwomen (men who were born biologically male) vs 0.8 deaths per 1000 among those without gender dysphoria.

The need to rethink hormone treatments is crucial after this discovery as it is indicated by doctors on both sides of medical treatment associated with transitioning from one biological sex to another can have grave effects on health risks such at increased risk for cardiovascular disease due to combination estrogen-progesterone therapies used commonly today.

The study also found that transgender men, naturally born women, were found to have a mortality rate 1.1 times that of men who do not experience gender dysphoria, which is not a big difference.

However, transgender men were 3.3 times more likely to die as a result of “non-natural causes,” for example, suicide, than women without gender dysphoria.

The researchers wrote:

This observational study showed an increased mortality risk in transgender people using hormone treatment, regardless of treatment type. This increased mortality risk did not decrease over time. The cause-specific mortality risk because of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, HIV-related disease, and suicide gives no indication to a specific effect of hormone treatment, but indicates that monitoring, optimising, and, if necessary, treating medical morbidities and lifestyle factors remain important in transgender health care.

“Increasing social acceptance, and monitoring and treatment for cardiovascular disease, tobacco use, and HIV, will continue to be important factors that may contribute to decreasing mortality risk in transgender people,” Martin den Heijer said, according to HCPLive.

How much evidence do we need to see before society quits placating to this insane ideology that this lifestyle is anything but a negative thing and a detriment to society?

This lifestyle is bad for families, it's bad for society, it's bad for themselves, and it's bad for their partners, each on their own levels, but health is one of the big ones.


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