New Smoking Gun Found on 'Laptop From Hell' Proves Biden Family Corruption!

Unfortunately, sometimes political power corrupts. Uncommon or not, when someone’s entrusted with the responsibility of governing, this authority goes to their head. Once they get a taste of it, they want more. Sadly, it has often leads to corruption. U.S. politics has experienced a few instances where elected officials have used crooked schemes to benefit themselves.

Many of these situations have been truly unethical. Nonetheless, most corrupt politicians are wise enough to stay one step away from criminal behavior. But not all of them have been so smart. A few are so brazen that they wave the flag of corruption right in the face of the American people.

There hasn’t been a more glaring example of unbridled corruption than what Americans are witnessing today. Joe Biden may be the most corrupt politician in U.S. history. Few can match the crooked schemes Biden and his family have perpetrated on the American people. The Biden’s rival the most notorious crime families ever.

For over four decades, Biden and his crooked family have been able to hide their criminal enterprise. However, Joe Biden didn’t count on a drug addict son overturning their apple cart. People with addiction problems invariably don’t manage life very well. Frequently, they’re irresponsible. They forget things.

But when Hunter Biden forgot that he left his laptop at a computer repair shop, no one could have imagined what would eventually happen. Not only was Hunter Biden addicted to crack cocaine and other substances, he wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box when it came to concealing illicit ventures.

Essentially, Hunter Biden left a paper trail of his family’s corrupt influence peddling business schemes. John Paul Isaac was the repairman Hunter Biden entrusted with cleaning up his laptop. Biden must not have been aware of the level of exposure he was about to unleash on his crooked family. But then he forgot about the laptop.

During the standard steps to make repairs, Isaac discovered a wealth of disturbing information. The laptop was full of video evidence of Hunter Biden committing multiple crimes, including illegal drug activity with prostitutes. But those crimes would turn out to be minor offenses. A trove of email communications revealed something far more sinister.

The Biden family had been peddling their high-ranking positions in the U.S. government to make billions. They were exploiting the American people to build massive wealth and power. It is treason, and the data unearthed on Hunter Biden’s laptop prove it. Joe Biden, using his family of stooges, has bilked foreign governments out of billions of dollars in return for favors.

But even more disturbing than the amount of influence the Bidens have handed over to our nation’s most dangerous adversaries is how they’ve compromised U.S. national security. Clearly, the Biden’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are alarming. These ties were fully exposed when Biden allowed a CCP spy balloon to float across the U.S.

There are also the Biden’s bizarre ties to Ukraine. Well, as more evidence is pulled from Hunter Biden’s notorious “laptop from hell,” the truth is now clear. Joe Biden has used his power and influence to extract both money and favors from Ukrainian officials. Biden even had the audacity to reveal exactly what he was doing in front of cameras. In his own words, with cameras rolling, Joe Biden described how he threatened the Ukrainian president and said that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees.

This would have propelled the former Soviet republic into insolvency. The conditions set for getting the money from the U.S. government were straightforward. Ukraine must immediately fire the prosecutor investigating Burmisa Holdings. Now, this is the same Burisma on which Joe’s son, Hunter, was a board member.

Hunter knows absolutely nothing about energy or acting as a board member for a circus. But he was paid thousands per month to handle the job of “fixing things.” What a coincidence it was that the prosecutor in question suddenly got fired! Imagine that? The Biden family is a corrupt and dangerous crime family. They are guilty of treason.

Make no mistake about it; Joe Biden is the ringleader. He is the “big guy.” The current sitting president is a “mob boss.” But Joe Biden has hidden behind a curtain of deception, as it were. He has posed as “small-town Scranton Joe” to win favor with voters.

Biden has orchestrated an influence scheme using his political clout. But this is beyond unethical. Joe Biden has crossed that criminal line. He and his family are both crooks and traitors. They should stand trial for their crimes.

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