New Records Prove Georgia Ballots Votes Were Changed from Trump to Biden

Over the last few months, we've received a lot of information on the Georgia election and the fraud that took place, but what we just received is some of the most explosive evidence yet!

Georgia has undergone some garbage hand counts and some other investigations that have actually been helpful, but this is something completely extraordinary, something that happened on the night of the election shows that Democrats undoubtedly cheated.

We've been hearing that since November that a large percentage of ballots were adjudicated in Maricopa County, Arizona. Something around 12%. Well, it looks like they weren't the only ones that had ballots that needed to be adjudicated, but what it does show is that those who adjudicated the ballots actually altered them to change from votes for President Trump to Joe Biden.

According to Just the News,

But in 2020, adjudication played a much larger role in states like Georgia, which allowed hundreds of thousands of additional citizens to vote absentee for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all, more than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots cast — or about 3% — in Georgia's largest county required some form of human intervention, according to logs obtained from Fulton County by Just the News under an open records act request.

The adjudication ballots alone are not enough to change a Georgia election in which Biden and Trump were separated by less than 13,000 votes. However, they reveal an imperfect system vulnerable to chaos, subjectivity, or political dirty tricks, especially in a county like Fulton where state officials documented widespread irregularities and misconduct and now want to take over election counting.

Just the News reviewed 1,604 pages of adjudication logs from Fulton County and reviewed 4820 of the 5064 ballot images where human vote counters reviewed or overrode the Dominion Voting machines. The JTN review provided an unprecedented window into the extraordinary discretion accorded adjudication judges to interpret a voter's intent on a flawed ballot.

While this isn't enough to turn over the election in Georgia on its own, it's a piece of the puzzle and once we put it together with everything else such as running ballots through the machines multiple times, it should be very easy to come to a conclusion on who the real winner was.

Photo Credit: Stu Spivack

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