New Movement Sweeping the Nation After 'Defunding the Police'

Radical Democrats have been castigating law enforcement officers since George Floyd died. Despite evidence that his drug use contributed to his death, crazed liberals targeted every police officer across the nation because of one isolated incident.

They wanted justice, even if their justice was blind to the truth. These obsessed anarchists wanted to defund and abolish police departments throughout America. It was one of the dumbest overreaches in the history of our nation.

Radicals screamed that police officers were all racist. Even Kamala Harris blasted that America needed to “redefine its policing”. Again, it was a stupid overreaction to an isolated incident; however tragic one might consider what happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Well, after helplessly watching crime skyrocket throughout America’s big cities, to some level bleeding into our smaller towns, the crazies have apparently come to their senses. It seems they are witnessing what the insane idea of defunding the police really accomplished.

After progressive Democrat run cities chopped away at police budgets over the last year, the results have been staggering. Murder has risen sharply. Other types of violent crimes have logically seen a disturbing increase.

When you remove the vital protective force that keeps people safe, criminals find an open opportunity to be what they are, criminals. Austin, Texas, was one of the cities at the forefront of cutting their police budget. The policy backfired miserably.

Austin carved away at their police budget more than most liberal cities. With their jobs on the line, Austin City Council Members have totally reversed course. In fact, Austin’s 2021-22 budget for law enforcement operations is now the largest in the city’s history.

One might say that this reversal is a welcome thing. However, what about the death and destructive that has befallen residents of these great American cities during the last 12 months? Who is going to refund the lives and livelihoods lost because of this defund the police mentality?

Many cities are adding additional police academies and new training initiatives to help rebuild the police departments they helped destroy. One city hit the hardest by skyrocketing crime was New York.

After shutting down various police operations, and whittling down departmental budgets, New York City’s spending will be approved at a $200 million increase. Los Angeles city management has approved a three percent increase in the LA police budget as well.

Every single one of these liberal run cities pounded away at the morale and integrity of their dedicated law enforcement officers. They can put money back into the budgets, but someone needs to humbly apologize for the demeaning language that dehumanized police officers.

Even though the vast majority of Americans disagreed with the “defund the police” idea, egotistical, self-absorbed bureaucrats did it, anyway. Citizens in their cities paid the price. Now, with their butts on the line, these entitled politicians have flipped the opposite direction.

While it’s wonderful that the defund the police fiasco is dying a welcome death, who is going to take responsibility for the real death and devastation that it caused? You can bet it won’t be one of the liberal city bureaucrats who started the whole problem.

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