New Leaked Video Shows HORRIBLE Condition at Impromptu "Detention Center"

When people make a really serious effort in order to keep something hidden from sight, this be default causes those involved to act suspiciously.

It's nothing strange, it's just human nature. It's how we are as human beings. It's a conscious internal conflict that we are battling within ourselves.

It's just natural and it's what humans do...unless you're a psychopath.

Such is the case with the Biden administration and all the mess happening at the border right now. They clamped down on border facilities and media access to them, so we had to figure someone was going to circumvent the blockade.

Someone did. What they acquired was incriminating video proof of the truth. Joe Biden's fiasco border policy, or lack thereof, has created more than just a challenge. His reckless abandon with his executive order powers wiped away virtually every border policy from the previous administration.

If it had former President Trump's fingerprints on it, it had to go. It didn't matter whether it was working or not. The safety and security of American citizens did not matter either. If President Trump was the driving force behind the policy, Joe Biden's puppeteers wanted it erased.

Each time one of these failed attempts to reverse good policy out of vengeance turns out to be poor judgment, the Biden administration goes into ostrich mode. They hide or deflect blame back on someone else, usually former President Trump.

As was the case with the raging crisis at the border, Biden's cronies just shut things down. There's nothing to see here folks; go away until we "have our plan in action". What plan Joe? Well, Project Veritas managed to secure some video evidence of how Joe's plan is working.

It's not working well. In fact, in some respects it could be viewed as crimes against humanity. The conditions that many minors are exposed to at a Biden-caused, makeshift processing center are said to be beyond bad. Biden's Mr. Nice Guy boast has created a wave of humanity at the southern U.S. border. We are not equipped to handle it. The conditions are inhumane.

Just as a reminder, these are the same political panderers who screeched about "kids in cages", even though the cages were their own party's creation. The situation under the Anzalduas International Bridge crossing the Rio Grande River makes cages look like the Ritz Carlton.

A leaked video of conditions inside a Donna, Texas detention center exposed the truth. This is not a challenge. We are way past the point of challenge. We have been for weeks. This is a humanitarian crisis totally caused by Joe Biden unraveling President Trump's Migrant Protection Protocols.

Nice Guy, as Joe Biden seems to flatter himself, has caused conditions at the U.S./Mexico border to become dangerous for these migrants. There are numerous sexual assaults and fights every day. The medical emergencies are compounding daily. It's a disaster.
The first mistake Joe Biden made was to try to downplay the crisis he created. Those entrusted with protecting our border have been insisting this reversal in policy would be a catastrophe from day one. It has been.

The second and most egregious mistake, was trying to pull the wool over the American public's eyes. How could the Biden administration not expect an ambitious reporter to seek the truth? Did they really think they could continue to hide what was going on? Thankfully, Project Veritas took the initiative to uncover the cover-up. It shows the truth about what Joe Biden has done to a working policy at our southern border.

What might get lost in all the conversation about the actual events going, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Joe Biden is not about anything close to transparency. He is the same old sneak and hide, deflect and lie politician he has been for 50 years. Too bad the American people couldn't see him for what he really is.

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