New Collectable Coin Under Scrutiny From The Unforgivable Left

A new coin has been added for all of your coin collectors out there. It will be $100 with all profit going directly to 'Five Major COVID-19 Research Hospitals'.

Although it is not certain what hospitals will see a profit. Of course, we will see all positive and negative out of this as democrats will make whatever they can nasty about president Trump.

Bernie Sanders has taken it to social media to blast the President and the White House for the coin production claiming that instead of coin production they should be making medical supplies.

According to The Daily Mail:

Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders took to social media to slam the White House over the creation of the coins, as the nation's healthcare workers continue to be faced with shortages in supplies of much-needed personal protective equipment. 

'If the White House Gift Shop is going to produce $100 COVID-19 coins, Trump can sure as hell utilize the Defense Production Act to manufacture the gloves, gowns, and masks our medical workers desperately need,' Sanders said in a Twitter rant Wednesday.

The store website states that 100 percent of the profits from the limited edition coins will be donated to 'Five Major COVID-19 Research Hospitals'. It is not clear which hospitals this refers to. 

The eleventh coin in the unofficial store's 'historic moments' collection features a virus molecule on one side and the White House press briefing stage on the other. 

One side of the coin has 'World vs Virus. Everyday Citizens Did Their Part' inscribed on the outer edge, followed by 'Together We Fought the Unseen Enemy. Everyday Heroes Suited Up' around the image of a virus molecule over the world map in the center.  

The second side - the 'COVID-19 Task Force' - features the names of the key White House coronavirus task force figures President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Michael R. Pence, Secretary S. Mnuchin, Dr. Jerome Adams, Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci around the presidential podium.  

As a coin collector myself, I understand why a national disaster would have a special coin made. However, I think it is untasteful and inappropriate for people like Sanders to blast The White House and Trump because he isn't satisfied in his position at this moment.

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