New Cases Plummet After India Government Does This "Taboo" Treatment

We all know that America has been devasted by the pandemic.

You could potentially argue that no other county has been affected as badly as we have. Well, that all may change very soon because India has been getting hammered by the (forbidden illness).

At this rate, they may overtake the United States.

Honestly, it hasn't made a whole lot of sense as to why all of a sudden they would be getting it so badly, while the rest of the world has already been through it.

Perhaps they had very strict protection measures at first and then went lax on them, or maybe it has something to do with it taking longer to spread in certain areas.

Whatever it is, it's bad.

But there is quite a bit of hope out there for those who have contracted it.

One thing I'll mention is that the U.S. has agreed to send millions of doses of the "antidote" (I'll use that word due to censorship) overseas to help other countries that have been struggling with the (forbidden illness).

But there is something else that is bringing the (forbidden illness) in India to a screeching halt, and it's something that was demonized in the United States.

The big drug that was demonized (starts with an "H") has started being taken as a prophylaxis and as a result, cases are dropping big time.

In addition to that drug, the one that starts with an "I" has also been taken to treat asymptomatic individuals and this has been helpful as well.

The biggest thing that lets me know that our government really doesn't care if we live or die is their treatment of these drugs and us the entire time. Plus, we do have immune systems. Why was nobody in the government advocating for just building your immune system as a way to either prevent catching it, reducing it's effects, or even saving lives? If they truly cared about us, this should have been the least that they could have done because it's a cheap and easy thing that everyone can do.

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