New Bill Could Hold Employers Accountable for Damages from Forcing Vaccines on Workers

With the mandate up in the air, employers for the most part are sticking with the Biden declaration of forcing employees to get vаccinated or risk losing their job.

Some people don't have a problem with getting it, some do, and some just don't believe in forcing others to do something with their bodies that someone else is telling them to do under threat.

There have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who have stood up against this form of tyranny and I think in the end everything will work out better for them, but until then, people are left at the will of legislatures to do something about the mandate being enforced.

Some states have opted to go as far as to even issue executive orders asking employers not to abide by this government overreach and that they will take action if needed.

In Oklahoma, State Senator Rob Standridge decided that if employers are going to enforce this mandate, then they're going to have to put their money where their mouth is and if injury results from one of these jаbs, they're going to on the hook for it.

The Daily Wire reported,

State Sen. Rob Standridge (R-OK) introduced Senate Bill 1106, the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act,” on Friday. The bill would allow employees to sue their employers over medical issues related to any operations made mandatory as a condition of employment. If an employee is harmed by a forced medical operation, the employer could be liable for as much as $1 million.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CΟVID-19 vаccines have been deemed safe and effective following the evaluation of data from “tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials.” The CDC also says serious “side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unlikely following any vаccination, including CΟVID-19 vаccination. Vаccine monitoring has historically shown that side effects generally happen within six weeks of receiving a vаccine dose. For this reason, the FDA required each of the authorized CΟVID-19 vаccines to be studied for at least two months (eight weeks) after the final dose. Millions of people have received CΟVID-19 vаccines, and no long-term side effects have been detected.”

“Many Oklahomans may not know that COVID-19 vaccines have already been given liability protection from the federal government,” Standridge said in a statement. “If an employee is required to receive the vaccine or some other medical treatment as a condition of employment and it causes that person harm, our citizens need to know they’ll have some recourse that will provide them with meaningful relief. That’s what my legislation will do.”

I think that this is the right move because people should be held accountable for something like this. We know that the manufacturers aren't held accountable and the government is never held accountable, so someone needs to be.

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