New Audio Found On Hunter Biden’s Laptop Reveals Conspiracy to Get Rid of Trump (AUDIO)

While the mainstream media stays laser focused on fear mongering and keeping everyone afraid of this virus, especially since there is a new variant going around now, some of the real stories are getting ignored entirely.

That's always what happens though, isn't it? Something happens in which the media devotes all of their resources into one thing to distract everyone away from something else. Something more important.

As it has been over the last year and a half or so, you're being distracted away from Hunter Biden and the Laptop from Hell.

According to a newly released audio file that was found on Hunter's laptop, there was a conversation, and some other correspondence between Hunter and the chairman of Walmart, Greg Penner in which they conspired together to do what they could to stop President Trump from winning another election.

The audio transcript shows a discussion of ‘pulling the trigger’ to influence the 2020 election, to stop President Trump and the Trump movement, in addition to influencing the Democratic primary.

(2:20) RHB: “Overall objective here is to stop, not only Donald Trump, but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents.”

RHB Laptop contains e-mails in which:

a. RHB asked to discuss a confidential matter with Penner, stating “That’s best not to be done by text or email.” (11 August 2017)

b. In a solicitation email Greg Penner asks RHB to “…visit with you about some options I’ve been working on for the 2020 election…”. (6 April 2018)

Have a listen to the conversation between the two for yourself.


This is obviously only the tip of the iceberg and honestly the least important piece of evidence in the whole gamut of what we've seen in regards to fraud and illegitimate voting that occurred in the November election. But collectively, with all of the evidence including this one, we have a pretty strong case for what happened.

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