NEVER FORGET! Proof that the Border Wall Works PERFECTLY! (VIDEO)

Joe Biden may have stopped the construction on the border wall that was helping control the immigration problem that we have in our country, but let's not forget that we know the wall works and it works well.

It works so well, in fact, that the Biden administration is actually talking about resuming the construction on the wall. I'm sure they'll make up some other excuse like President Trump made a mess and they have to patch up some holes in order to fix it, or something.

But remember this example of how well it worked:

In San Diego, four illegal Mexican nationals attempted to breach the steel bollard wall erected by President Trump.

Border agents found three of the illegals clinging to the wall, unable to get down due to the 30 ft height and slippery coating. One migrant fell from the wall.

The fire department rescued the three found on the wall, and border agents took them into custody. They were processed and subsequently returned to Mexico. The fourth, who was injured, was found and evaluated at a hospital.

People have been stuck on top of the new border wall previously. On January 5th, border agents found three people atop the wall at Otay Mesa. After managing to ascend to the top, the migrants could not get down to enter America illegally, proving the wall works.

Joe Biden says he will not build any more walls if he is elected president. Biden says the walls are not effective because half the illegals in America overstay their visa. What he's not saying is that the other half enter illegally at locations used by the smugglers. With new physical barriers in place, those people now can't get past the Trump border wall.

Joe Biden will not build another foot of border wall to protect America. Border walls work. President Trump is the only one who puts up physical barriers to block illegal entry into our country. Human traffickers who bring illegals to our borders want Joe Biden to be president. We must choose a president who will keep our country secure.

America needs a president who builds barriers to stop illegals and who enforces immigration laws. This is why we still need President Trump.

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