Netanyahu Sends New Israeli Government a Serious Warning About the Biden Administration

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted earlier this year after quite a bit of controversy and tension in Israel.

While he may be out of office, he's not out of the picture entirely.

He is still helping the current government, which makes sense given that he has been the Prime Minister on multiple occasions and therefore, has a lot of experience.

Netanyahu actually told the new government not to trust the United States when it comes to dealing with foreign threats.

“The information that is sent to America could be leaked to major media outlets and in this way our operations will be thwarted,” Netanyahu, who is now the opposition leader in the Knesset — the Israeli single-chamber equivalent of Congress — said when the legislature was in session.

“That is why for the last decade I have refused the requests of American presidents to always inform them of our actions.”

The Western Journal reported,

Media in Israel is regulated by the Israeli Military Censor, an Israeli Defense Forces Directorate of Military Intelligence division responsible for controlling the publication of military-related information in the country.

The Censor ensures that information sensitive to Israel’s security interests doesn’t come out through reporting from Israeli outlets.

However, the United States lacks such a censor during times of peace.

This enables sensitive information shared by Israel with the U.S. government to leak out through insiders who share information with reporters at major American news outlets.

These outlets can then release the information through articles citing unnamed sources, possibly jeopardizing any confidential military or diplomatic action Israel was contemplating.

Basically, Netanyahu is calling the Biden administration a bunch of tattletales, which is true.

It makes sense on Israel's part also. Democrats are snitches and even our own Congress is filled with anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian libtards like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib. I'm sure there are several other sympathizers at this point as well who they have convinced to join their team.

Photo Credit: World Economic Forum

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