Nazi Flag Waves Behind Bernie Sanders During Political Rally, What He Does Is Astonishing

Wow, It has been quite a week, hasn't it?

During one of Sanders Political Rally, the crowd started booing at Bernie. He was ultimately confused so he turns around and sees nothing. He didn't find out till after he walked off the stage what had taken place just behind him.

According to Slate:

Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed shock and disbelief Sunday when he was asked about the man who unfurled a Nazi flag at one of his rallies on Thursday. “Obviously, it is unspeakable. It is disgusting. It is something, I got to tell you, I never expected in my life, as an American, to see a swastika at a major political rally,” the Vermont senator said on CNN’s State of the Union. “It’s horrible.”

“He was behind me. And I was speaking to the crowd and I saw crowds booing and I turned around, I didn’t quite see what it was. I learned about it right after I left the stage,” Sanders said. “The idea that there was a swastika, a symbol of everything that this country stands against—we lost 400,000 people fighting that symbol, fighting Nazism. Six million Jews were killed, other people were killed. The most devastating war in the history of humanity.” Sanders’ extended family in Poland died during the Holocaust, something he learned about in detail when he appeared on the PBS show Finding Your Roots.*ewishaction/status/1235925877709516800

Former Vice President Joe Biden condemned the move in a tweet in which he made reference to how Sanders could be the country’s first Jewish president. “I don’t care who you’re supporting, attacks like this against a man who could be the first Jewish President are disgusting and beyond the pale,” Biden wrote. “Hatred and bigotry have no place in America.”

Messing with someone over their beliefs or bloodline is just disgusting. It isn't American-like even though it sadly happens all the time lately with racism and religious attacks.

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