Nasty Nancy Gaslights Republicans on the House Floor and Accidently Trashes Democrats (VIDEO)

Last week on the House floor, speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to talk trash about the Republicans. But what she didn't realize was that the things that she was actually attacking where the very things that Democrats have been doing for the past few years.

“What do Republicans have in store next?” Pelosi said.

“You can’t travel to buy a book? You can’t travel to see a concert or a play if it doesn’t meet their shall we say — *long sigh* — I’m not even gonna use the word standards. Their what?”

You know, I'm pretty sure that that's exactly what the Democrats were doing for all of 2020 and 2021. In fact, there are many of them that are still doing this sort of thing even today.

This was all in response to a recent bill that was being voted on in the house that would enable women to travel across state lines to various locations in order to access abortions.

It just seems so crazy to me that they come up with these ideas that they want to accuse Republicans of, but they're the ones that actually put those things in the practice. Honestly though, I can think of a few different things right now. I know that there are liberal celebrities of different types whether that be singers or actors who refuse to put on their performance if their demands are not met even if it has nothing to do with them personally. Halsey recently told people at one of her shows that they can leave, and she doesn't even want them as fans if they don't support abortion.

Democrats are also the ones who want books banned. To be more precise, it's the woke culture. Republicans have never called for banning of books. The only thing that we don't want regarding books is things that are inappropriate to be kept out of public schools. That's not too much to ask for.

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