Nancy Pelosi Facing Threats of Investigation for Potential Insider Trading

Most feel there’s an obvious double standard between Republicans and Democrats. There is a perpetual push by liberals to paint conservatives as radical, racist, white supremacist conspirators. Democrats, however, are like cats. They painstakingly cover-up behind themselves.

The big problem is that all the evidence points toward the opposite. When outright factual evidence is produced to show liberals are guilty of either a crime or corruption, the Democrat go-to response is to either deflect blame on someone else, or redirect the narrative.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is the master of this art. She can spin an obviously crooked outcome into something completely devoid of reality. Most remember Nancy darting to avoid public scrutiny over her COVID-19 violation to get her wild hairdo overhauled.

Pelosi worked diligently to deflect attention from any investigation into fellow California Representative Eric Swalwell’s romantic ties to a Chinese spy. Recently, Nancy was back to her old tricks. She lies and diverts so fluidly, Nancy is a master at avoiding direct answers.

In 2012, Congress passed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act. It was known as the STOCK Act. The law was passed to add an essential level of transparency to how members used their influence in conjunction with trading stocks.

Members of Congress must disclose every stock trade they make, including trades made by a spouse or child. It seemed like a fairly straightforward and equally essential law. However, it appears a few members of Nancy’s self-entitled liberal caucus don’t agree.

In the true form of their worn-out, soon-to-be “retired by the people” leader, these individuals come up with a myriad of excuses. One go-to excuse is ignorance of the law. This sounds a bit farfetched from someone entrusted with writing the laws for our nation.

In addition, lawmakers who are caught violating their own rules blamed it clerical errors, accounting mistakes, the list of excuses was rather amusing. This recent story revealed that there are at least 49 members of Congress guilty of violating the STOCK Act.

Being the speaker of the House, at least for now, Nancy was asked about this obvious violation of the law. What do you think her response was? One would think, as the highest-ranking politician in the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy would investigate. Not on your life.

Nancy requires dutiful cooperation to muster up the votes she needs to ramrod through her party’s socialist agenda before they lose power next November. She certainly doesn’t want to ruffle any “political feathers”, so to speak. Nancy is the “Head Hen” in the pecking order.

Nevertheless, her feeble response should ruffle the feathers of Americans. When asked about the 49 violations, the only answer Nancy could muster was, “Because we’re a free-market economy, they should be able to participate in that.” Okay, if it’s all “above board” that’s fine.

Every decent, financially law-abiding American would probably agree with that statement. But that’s where agreement would end. Yes, Members of Congress probably should have the right to trade. Or should they? That was the core question presented to the Speaker.

Holding true to her innate ability to avoid questions by offering ambiguous answers, Nancy replied, “We have a responsibility to report, if people aren’t reporting, they should be.” Well, of course they should be Nancy. That’s the law. She has a profound grasp of the obvious.

It’s too bad the reporter didn’t have time to dig deeper. While Nancy’s name didn’t make this particular rather dubious list, she and her husband have long been suspected of cheating the system to make millions of dollars on the stock market.

So, what sort of conclusion might we draw from this recent revelation. Well, one, a few dozen members of Congress don’t believe the laws they legislate pertain to them. This sounds rather typical. Also, Nancy Pelosi is still a master at deflection and avoiding the question.

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