Nail-Biting Hostage Situation in Los Angeles Caught on Video

It was almost like something out of a movie or a crime drama that you would see on TV.

A crazed man went even crazier over the weekend and went on a crime spree that ultimately ended up with him barricading himself into a high-rise building and taking a woman as a hostage.

What led to this situation was when the man pulled a gun on someone else and fired it. Thankfully, the gun misfired and the man is alright. Then he made his way to a nearby business where he then aimed the gun at a family and fired once again, this time grazing a 14-year-old. The teenager was taken to the hospital and is doing alright.

Then he tried to carjack a woman but he was unsuccessful in that attempt to get inside of the vehicle so he took off running.  Next, he got into a scuffle with someone on a bike. That didn't work out for him either so he made his way up to the high-rise where the hostage situation took place.

The LAPD reported,

“The officers established a perimeter and began requesting additional resources, including K9 and SWAT. While a tactical plan was being put in place, officers became aware of surveillance footage from inside the apartment complex. They saw the suspect in a hallway armed with a gun forcing a female to come with him. At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation.”

What's crazy is that all of this was caught on video from someone across the street.

In the video, you can see the man running around, taking the woman hostage, as well as hear loud bangs from concussion grenades and gunshots.

The man was ultimately taken down and the woman was rescued. All of the officers involved were unharmed as well. Thankfully, this all turned out okay. But take a look at this dramatic video:

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