Mysterious John McAfee Website Appears for Two Days - Dead Man's Switch Activated?

I'm sure you remember all of the rumors that swirled around after the death of Jeffrey Epstein?

Was it suicide? Probably not. Is he still alive? It's possible. Well, that's basically happening again with John McAfee.

Some of the rumor revolve around whether or not he's still alive or if he actually hanged himself as is being reported. Maybe it was the Clintons?

For years McAfee has claimed that he has a lot of dirt on some big named people.

He said that there essentially was some sort of dead man switch in which that at the time of his death it would be triggered and that information would be leaked and people would be exposed. So one of the questions is that if this is true and he really is dead then where's the information?

Well, it may actually be true after all.

In a very bizarre situation, a website suddenly popped up have that looks like it could have possibly been something triggered by John McAfee.

The website called popped up and on it said "contingency plan activated" and "something big is coming". Then it had a countdown at that time it said just a little under 29 days were remaining.


It also said, "All the right people are scared. They should be.

The site has now disappeared and the domain name just gives you some sort of server error but one other thing that was on the website was a link to the whacked token that McAfee had announced late in 2019.

So if this site is legit, then some time around July 22nd, we may see some information being released from somewhere.

I looked into it and the domain name was only registered on June 24th, which is the day that the site went live temporarily. So it may all just turn out to be some hoax, but we'll know in about 4 weeks.

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