MUST SEE: Full Inventory List of Items Seized from Mar-a-Lago During Raid

President Trump filed a lawsuit asking a judge to look into the FBI raid on his renowned resort Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ responded. The DOJ submitted a document in its response that they believe was taken at Mar-a-Lago.

On Wednesday, August 31, the day after it was given to the court, the picture was all over the media. The DOJ supposedly wanted to put the Time Magazine cover on the right side of the image so that they could demonstrate how conceited President Trump is. This Time Magazine article was unnecessary in the scene.

President Trump "KEPT framed Time cover of 'enemies' knocking at his window among the collection of classified files - including documents marked "Top Secret" and those based on "human intelligence" - sprawled across Mar-a-Lago," according to The Daily Mail.

However, the photo that you've probably seen is a piece of artwork. It was a manufactured "crime scene" created by the FBI.

The number 2A, which denotes that this was a crime scene photo and a type of tape measure across the bottom of the image, and the tape measure's presence at the bottom of the photo presented to the court inform us that they want this to be viewed as a crime scene.  The material that you see on the floor was deliberately thrown to the ground by the corrupt FBI. In other words, this photo was staged.

In addition to this, those containers that were placed nearby confirm this. If the FBI wanted to snap a picture of the documents, they would have been set out on a table. Additionally, the cabinets are immediately adjacent to the documents, indicating that is where they were most likely kept. They were not kept on the ground.

The DOJ has now released a full inventory list of what was seized from Mar-a-Lago. Here is the list:

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